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What do you think about when you turn the oven on? You probably think about the delicious food you're about to eat. What about when you flip on a light switch? You might think about how nicely your room is illuminated. But both of these actions have a greater underlying theme: they use energy. In fact, you use energy every day. And while doing so makes your life easier, the energy you consume also has an impact on the planet. The more you use, the more coal is burned, and the more greenhouse gasses are release. If you're ready to be a more responsible consumer of energy, check out the articles on this blog, which we've collected to provide insight into energy, the environment, and the relationship between the two.


4 Benefits Of Hiring Professional Dumpster Rental Services During Home Renovation

8 July 2021
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Contrary to what most people think, dumpster rentals are not only meant for mega projects. That's because they also come in handy when undertaking minor home remodeling projects. With that said, if you have an upcoming home renovation, it's advisable to work with a professional dumpster rental company, and here are the reasons why.  1. Compliance With Waste Disposal Laws  Each state has laws outlining how to go about waste disposal. Read More …

Radon Testing Recommendations For A Safe Household

27 March 2021
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Radon may be one of the last concerns on your mind as you go through your busy life full of responsibilities. However, radon is a real concern even though you cannot measure it with any of your five senses. Here are some recommendations to help you take care of radon testing in your home. Complete Your Own Test Whenever you are concerned about radon being present inside your house, you should take the time to complete a radon test. Read More …